Rights Reversed – The Conservative Third Reich

For a country that rampages around the world killing civilians in the name of “democracy”, our chums at number 10 seem to operate an awful lot like Nazi germans. Some of the major traits of fascism are the erosion of workplace rights, public service cuts, mistreatment of the poor & sick and most importantly of all – removal of the right to challenge government. What right do we, the tax paying, undervalued, under paid, unwashed masses have to challenge Dave and his band of old Etonians? Well it turns out that very soon, we may have none at all.

Plans are being drawn up and foundations laid for this Conservative government to remove one of the very pillars of democracy. According to Mr. Cameron it’s a drain of both time and money to be held accountable for his decisions in parliament. He says that ““businesses going bust, jobs being lost” and “livelihoods being destroyed” while they waste time “crossing every t and dotting every i”. If he seriously believes that the reason people are losing their businesses, jobs and livelihoods, lies in judiciary enquiries then he must have completely taken leave of his senses.

Of course, he doesn’t believe that at all. David Cameron knows how unpopular his policies are among the masses. He understands that Osbourne’s cuts are literally killing people (an article on this to come tomorrow), whilst condemning the disabled and ostracising the poor. How can he justify his actions? He can’t and he knows it. We are witnessing the largest scale attack on the working classes since Thatcher and this is a brazen and shameful move to stop us doing anything about it. To dress it up as an act of “war-time spirit”, an act of heroism committed by Cameron to circumvent the rules in order to save us little people from the financial crisis is nothing short of disgusting.

Democracy is defined as “A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives”.

Mussolini famously said that “”Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power”.

Look around you, which one of those seems more applicable?


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