People First

Just a quick post today. Following on from yesterday’s article regarding the rise of prejudice in social media, I have started a Facebook page, People First. If you use Facebook please like, share and contribute. All ideas are welcome! Here’s the page description to give you a better idea:

Bucking the trend of Facebook pages that try to divide opinion and incite anger, People First are here to spread a little hope. If you believe, as we do, that people are more important than ideas of nationality, race or religion; please like and share the page. Hopefully we can build a community of like-minded people online to balance out some of the nastiness that seems to be growing out there. People First aims to be unlike some other left-leaning pages in that we are not exclusive, this is not about telling people what to think or asserting that you’re a better person than someone else for thinking the way that you do. We are always happy to receive contributions and ideas for debate. Comments will only be removed if they violate the conditions of free speech, hate speech or incitement to violence will not be tolerated. Please keep debates civil and remember to attack the argument and not the person. This page is here to promote harmony, not division.




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